Tailors Direct is an online directory and catalogue that helps customers find Nigerian tailoring and fashion professionals. Our mission is to help you find, connect and transact with your favorite tailor, fashion designer and stylist online, mobile and in their shop.

Tailors Direct started out with a simple yet revolutionary vision which is to use digital technology to make it as easy as possible to connect customers with Nigerian tailors and fashion designers. In 2015, a group of like-minded fashion, business and technology enthusiasts got together to turn this vision into a reality. Today, we are proud to be the ultimate platform for getting all tailoring and fashion related information in Nigeria, from finding the top rated tailors and designers, to stylists, fashion schools and also where to get quality fabrics or materials!

Our strong belief is that the fashion industry in Nigeria has so much talent to offer, as more and more creative individuals turn their hand to tailoring and designing. We want our communities and businesses to flourish, and we believe that the fashion industry is a key part of our national and local identities.

Whatever fashion you are looking for, and whatever your budget, we will connect you to just the right professional. No more asking around or getting worried about where or who to make your traditional, native, formal or corporate and casual wears – with Tailors Direct, the clue is in our name! Direct and simple, you’ll find the right tailor in no time.